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Welcome to discount polybags - your ultimate guide to source cheap polybags. Polybags are available in different materials, sizes, colors, closures, etc. but the most important is function. Whether it's dust protection, surface protection, moisture protection, etc. define the function and then source the correct bag to do the job.

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Information on PolyBags


A wide range of polythene bags with good tear resistance. The range includes open top bags and grip seal bags.


Most polybags are made out using petrochemical raw material called low density polymer.

LDPE (low density polyethylene) and its cousin LLDPE (linear low density polyethylene) are the workhorses of the poly bag industry. They are widely used across all markets due to its clarity, supple feel and inherent flexibility.
The inherent characteristics of this material make it a popular choice for most poly bag packaging.


Polythene bags help to protect products from dust and moisture. Grip seal bags are ideal for applications where the bag is opened and closed over and over again.


Be a Smart & remember that 'Polybags' is also known in the industry by the names such as 'Polythene bags' & 'Polyethylene bags'

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Type of Polybags and their typical uses

Type of Poly Bags

Typical Uses

Light duty polythene bags

Light duty clear polythene bags ideal for carrying light goods and for using as covers.

Medium duty polythene bags

Medium duty clear polythene bags suitable for carrying heavier goods, for example a workmen's helmet.

Heavy duty polythene bags

Heavy duty clear polythene bags of industrial strength. Ideal for storing and keeping tidy heavy tradesmen's goods such as nuts, bolts and gravel.

Plain grip seal bags

Clear resealable grip seal bags idea for keeping an office, shop or home tidy. Clear away business cards, tacks videos and much more! These bags can be used time and time again and you can see what you have stored away.

Grip seal panel bags

Resealable grip seal bags with panels for easy identification of what you have stored away. Can also be used to include date packed away, who packed it and any other important details. Can be used time and time again.

Heavy duty grip seal bags

Clear heavyweight grip seal bags for heavy items such as nuts, bolts and gravel and other heavy trademen's goods.

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Buyers Guide - Know the difference between 'Bottom Seal vs Side Seal'

Plastic bags are made by either side sealing or bottom sealing. Side seal bags are slightly cheaper and are usual for small size bags bottom seal bags are typically larger or for heavy duty applications. If you are unsure what type of bag you need call us and we will be sure to be able to help you decide

Side Seal Bags

Side Seal bags are made using center fold film. The bag forming machine simultaneously cuts and seals the sides of the bag. Handles or air holes can be formed prior to the cutting and sealing operation, there are a number of variations on the side seal process.

Side sealing is used to make,
  1. press seal bags
  2. trade show bags
  3. small and medium general purpose bags
  4. bags with bottom gussets.

Side seal bags are not as strong as bottom seal bags but they are cheaper to produce. Side seal bags are still very strong but they are not suitable for applications such as potting mix, potato bags etc.

Bottom Seal bags

Bottom Seal bags are made using lay flat tube. The bag forming machine seals the bag and cuts the bag just below the seal. Handles or air holes can be formed prior to the cutting and sealing operation, there are a number of variations on the side seal process.

Bottom seal bags are extremely strong – a 150 micron bag loaded with 25 kg of plastic granules can survive a fall from over 3 meters. This test was forced upon us one day when our forklift broke down.

Bottom seal bags are used for heavy duty applications such as.
  1. Potting mix and pebbles.
  2. Onions, potatoes and carrots.
  3. Food bags that require a water-tight seal.
  4. Bags with side gussets for increased volume.

We have over a thousand customers, chances are one of them has a similar application to yours - give us a call and we'll help you finalize your requirements.

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Application of Polybags

Polybags has numerous uses and application in different areas and sectors. Below is the list of industry where its used.

  1. Retail & Industrial Packaging
  2. Food Industry
  3. Retail Carry Bags
  4. Pharmaceutical & Health
  5. Nurseries
  6. Workshops
  7. Trade Show Bags

don't forget to check the uncommon uses of polybags on the bottom of the page

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Other Information

For more information on Polythene bags please visit:

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Uncommon or Unknown Uses of Polythene bags

Don't throw away those useful polythene bags. Here some ideas -  Try & Use it....

  1. Put chips and biscuits in a polythene bag and store them in a refrigerator to keep them fresh for a long time.
  2. Coriander leaves will stay fresh if placed in a polythene bag and stored in the fridge.
  3. To retain the crispiness of leftover fried popadums while refrigerating, keep them in a plastic polythene bag.
  4. One may cut and keep vegetables, beans, carrots, etc. previous night for an early meal next day. But put them in a bowl, not tightly packed and slip the bowl into a polythene bag, knotting the mouth loosely. This way the chopped vegetables will stay crisp and fresh till used.
  5. Store banana leaves like a roll, wrapped in a moist muslin cloth, then placed n a polythene bag. They will stay fresh for a week, if refrigerated this way.

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Exciting News - Know the World of Polybags

Old polythene holds bags of chemicals -10 October 1998 From New Scientist Print Edition.

RECYCLING plastics is an important goal in many industrialised countries, where polymers make up around 7 per cent of domestic waste. Simply remelting and shaping them results in a low-quality product. But now chemists have come up with a way to break down the polymers to yield chemicals that can be used as a solvent, or to synthesise drugs or textiles.

Existing methods for breaking up large polymers typically yield a mishmash of hydrocarbons. Such mixtures can be used as fuel, but they contain too many different compounds to be of much use to chemists.

Now a team led by Yoshio Uemichi at the Muroran Institute of Technology in Japan have reported in Chemical Communications (p 1975) that a catalyst containing gallium and silicate, called H-Ga-silicate, can break down polyethylene, otherwise known as polythene, into aromatic compounds such as benzene, toluene and isomers of xylene (see Diagram). Benzene is an important solvent, and is used as an additive for petrol and in many organic reactions. Toluene is a useful solvent, and the xylenes are important in the manufacture of polyester synthetic fibres.

This reaction may work on a mixture of polymers, and sorting out different kinds of polymer remains a stumbling block to the recovery process. Nevertheless, Uemichi's latest studies represent an important breakthrough in the difficult problem of reusing plastic waste chemically. Uemichi and his team of chemists are now working on ways of industrialising the process

Reference: www.newscientist.com/article/mg16021554.600-old-polythene-holds-bags-of-chemicals.html

More News associated with Polybags or Polythene bags

More body parts found in house of horrors - From correspondents in New Delhi, January 16, 2007 12:00

DETECTIVES investigating the murders of 19 people - mostly children - near a house on the outskirts of New Delhi said late today that a new search had found more than 40 polythene bags filled with body parts.

In a case that has shocked and horrified India, human remains were dug up last month from the backyard and drain of a rich, well-connected businessman's house in Noida, a satellite of the Indian capital.

The owner of the house was arrested along with his servant on suspicion of kidnapping, rape and murder. They have not been charged.

"Biomaterials packed in more than 40 polythene bags have been recovered from the drain in front of the house of the accused persons," said a statement from the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI).

"In addition, pieces of human bones have been recovered ... the seized materials have been sent to the laboratory for post mortem, individualisation and DNA extraction."

The investigation into the murders was taken over by the CBI five days ago after local police were accused by parents of ignoring reports about their missing children - some of whom disappeared more than two years ago.

Six policemen have been sacked and three suspended, accused of negligence in handling the case.

The CBI said since taking over, they had registered 19 cases relating to the kidnapping, rape and murder of children and women. Some 41 people have been reported missing from the area.

All of the victims and those still reported missing come from impoverished families, many of whom are migrant labourers, who say their complaints by police were not taken seriously because they are poor.

CBI officials were cautious to suggest that the new discovery meant the death toll from killings suspected to have been committed over the past two to three years was higher.

"It's difficult for us to say that the new find means there are more people that have been murdered as the parts could belong to the 19 cases already known about," said a CBI official, who declined to be named.

"We can't say for sure until all the DNA and forensic tests have been made."

Over the past few days, CBI forensic teams have been inspecting in and around the lavish two-storey house and excavators have been digging up drains where investigators believe the majority of the cut up bodies were stuffed.

The CBI said forensic tests of all the skeletal remains discovered would help link them to the missing people and that relatives of the missing and other connected witnesses were being questioned to establish the sequence of events.

Reference: www.news.com.au/dailytelegraph/story/0,22049,21066833-5001028,00.html

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